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There’s an old agency saying that, on any project, you can only have two of these.

That’s why all of us at Sage got out of the traditional agency business.

Sage professionals all have experience working in ad agencies, public relations firms or corporate communication offices, so we know what goes into crafting creative, cost-effective solutions quickly.

But we also know what doesn’t need to be in the mix – like extra costs tacked on by people who never touch your project…or unnecessary navel gazing.

At Sage everyone is hands-on.

We are writers, designers, social media experts, business strategists and more. We all do the actual work because we love the work. And we’re good at it. How do we know? Because our clients, including some of the biggest names in telecom and technology have come to us for a single project – and then come back to us again and again – for 20 years.

So, let’s break down that tired old saying.


Every client wants good work. Actually, they want exceptional work. It’s the price of entry. If we didn’t meet that challenge, year after year, clients wouldn’t stick with us. And they certainly wouldn’t give us more and more of their business every year. But they do. Enough said.


Today, more than ever, business happens in real time. Companies need to react to the realities of the marketplace. Because if they don’t, some competitor will. We love being given a project that involves creating a long-term communications strategy. We do it all the time for clients large and small. But we also know that an urgent call on Wednesday afternoon sometimes needs to be turned into a great headline, ad, positioning statement or customer communication vehicle by Friday morning. We do that all the time too.


OK, this one we might quibble with a tiny bit, but only because the word connotes something that is not of the highest quality. That’s not us. We are a network of seasoned, successful professionals, managed by Bonnie Lieb, a communications executive with decades of experience working with some of the biggest corporate names in America.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Talk to our clients. Or better yet, give us a project and let us prove it.

What we do for our clients.


Whether we are helping roll out a new product, introducing a new service or creating internal education campaigns for sales, Sage makes sure we think through the best way to accomplish our client’s business goals. We ask the right questions, research the industry and bring our experience to the mix to develop the best recommendations that deliver results.


Complex selling cycles require a myriad of tools and approaches to empower the sales teams and engage the customers. Sage digs in to understand the challenges, the products/services being sold and the customer/prospect mindset. It’s only then that we can create the most effective compilation of assets for both reps and customers.


At the heart of what we do is content: written, visual, or a combination, Sage brings our knowledge and creativity to everything we do. Blogs. Social media. Ads. Brochures. 3-D displays. White papers. You name it and we will get it done...with a flair.


An important and growing piece of Sage’s offerings, we work with some of the best videographers and animators in the business to provide video content for almost any marcom need. Product education, sizzle reels, webinars, hype videos, drone footage...we are on it!


Design is a part of every single thing we do. Sometimes it’s just making a chart look better so that it’s more readable. Sometimes it’s creating a 3-D animated booth for a trade show. Sage has talented designers that can tackle any project and make it sing.

Who we work with.

It’s a great feeling when you can team with a smart group of people and create magic. That’s how we feel about our clients.

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Our team.

Sage is a tight-knit group of professionals who work hard to understand and connect with our clients. We truly become part of their team. No matter what the challenge is

…we find a way to solve it.

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